Julia Morgan's Cohorts

Meeting with Inge Schaefer Horton Bay, a retired city planner with a strong background in architecture who now devotes her time to the research of women architects and preservation issues in San Francisco.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

For more than twenty years, Inge Schaefer Horton has been researching early women architects who lived and practiced at the same time as Julia Morgan, the eminent California architect. Her passion for discovering the careers and work of these lesser-known professionals began when she and her friends mounted an exhibition on European women architects at the San Francisco AIA (American Institute of Architects.)

An architect Emily Williams (1869-1942). Please read more about Emily William's life and work at Emily Williams: San Jose's First Woman Architect.

One of her friends remarked that the Europeans are lucky because they have so many role models while we in the United States have only Julia Morgan. Inge thought that it was highly unlikely that Julia Morgan was the only female pursuing architecture and started her search for her cohorts. Her research was full of surprises and eventually led to her decision to write a book about these amazing women.

From a data base with 300 names, she chose fifty women about whom she had found sufficient information about their careers and work. The book includes two chapters discussing a generalized account about the education, careers and practice and respectively the work of these women in architecture. The third part consists of fifty biographies with listings of their work and sources of information for each of them. Appendices present the names of architecture graduates from the University of Berkeley, women who were licensed by the State of California to practice architecture, women who belonged to the Association of Women in Architecture and the AIA.

Inge Horton will talk about a few of the women she unearthed, how they decided to become architects, which training was available to them, how they found their first jobs and how they practiced, how they combined marriage and motherhood with their career, and how they spent their retirement years, and also show slides of their work.

Inge Schaefer Horton is a retired city planner with a strong background in architecture who now devotes her time to the research of women architects and preservation issues in San Francisco. As a board member of SPEAK (Sunset Parkside Education and Action Committee), Inge is the chairperson of a committee focused on surveying potential historic resources in a former neighborhood, the Oceanside, in the Outer Sunset. Funded by a generous grant, the survey of about 510 houses built before 1925 is now under review by the San Francisco Planning Department.

Inge is a contributing author to Design on the Edge: A Century of Teaching Architecture at the University of California, Berkeley, 1903-2003 (2010), two previous books on the architecture of Berlin and Paris/Brussels, which were published in German in Switzerland, and several articles. Her book Early Women Architects in the San Francisco Bay Area - The Lives and Work of Fifty Professionals, 1890-1951 will be published this fall by McFarland and Company and might be available at the time of the presentation.









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