The Pandemonium Aviaries Guided Tour

Los Altos Hills Historical Society
Cordially invites you to the Pandemonium Aviaries guided tour at a special discount rate.

Two days of the year, Pandemonium opens its doors and allows visitors the opportunity to view hundreds of rare, seldom seen birds, including the Victoria Crowned pigeon. Attend this exclusive once-a-year event and learn about Pandemonium's work to help save endangered birds of the world. Visitors will see:

---40 exotic species
---State-of-the-art decorated aviaries
---Behind-the-scenes tour of a leading conservation facility
---Kid-friendly guided aviary tours

Visitors may also:

---Purchase photographs and prints (not usually available to the public) by renowned nature photographer, Michael Kern.
---Browse our boutique for unique gifts and accessories.
---Enter a raffle for a chance to win a free trip for two to the Tambopata Research Center in the Amazon Rainforest (courtesy of Rainforest Expeditions) OR A chance to win a Sports Package, which includes Giants, 49ers, and Stanford Men's Basketball tickets.

Saturday, May 11 at 11:00 a.m.
13468 Three Forks Lane
Los Altos Hills, CA 94022

Reservations to Lana must be received by Monday, April 22, 2013.

Please mail checks to:

Los Altos Hills Historical Society
P.O. Box 427
Los Altos Hills, California 94023

Questions? Call Lana (650) 776-9226.

Pandemonium Aviaries began in 1996 with the rescue of an injured dove by the side of the road. Other birds that needed help followed. Becoming a bird sanctuary was not planned. It just seemed like the right thing to do.
In 2005, we transitioned from focusing on individual birds to species survival. The catalyst was the death of a Green-Naped pheasant pigeon. She died suddenly and her grieving mate was inconsolable. We tried to find a replacement, but the species had become so rare there were only 32 listed in the world wide zoo data base.

Our search was ultimately successful and we emerged with a changed perspective about the importance of breeding rare birds. Although we were already one of the largest non-companion sanctuaries in the US, we realized that saving individual birds was not enough. We needed a more global view so that we could help birds in a more comprehensive, significant and far reaching manner.

In 2009, we became a 501(c)3 non-profit. We expanded our programs, invited help from like minded people and put in place an internal structure to support ambitious goals. We analyzed the challenges facing birds, identified our core strengths, sought out advice from a multidisciplinary team of experts. One of the outcomes was ARC (Avian Recovery for Conservation), which is an innovative conservation strategy.

In addition to our expanded role in conservation, we remain committed to providing life long care for the hundreds of birds already at Pandemonium.

Pandemonium Aviaries is an all-volunteer organization. We are a group of people who believe that all things are possible if you start with pure motives, navigate with an ethical internal compass and set course for a destination that benefits others.

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