John W. (Jack) Boyd

October 7, 2012

The History of NASA Ames: The Freedom to Learn

Jack Boyd currently serves as Senior Advisor to the Center Director of the NASA Ames Research Center, and also serves as Ombudsman and historian. What makes Jack "Senior" is that he started at Ames as an aerodynamicist in 1947, where he worked in its famous high speed research branch that developed and tested the blunt body shape that has allowed all spacecraft to withstand the heat of re-entry on their journey home.

His career spans almost the entire history of the Center, including a stint as Ames Associate Director. He was recently inducted into the 70th anniversary class of the NASA Ames Hall of Fame and, among his many other awards, in 2008 he received the NASA Headquarters History Division Award for his significant contributions to NASA history.

Staffed by historians and archivists, the Ames History Office explores ways to make the Center's past relevant to its future by supporting research and writing, and helping to preserve and provide access to records and artifacts related to the history of the Center.

Jack will describe the mission of the History Office and reflect on his rich career in the free-wheeling, collaborative environment at Ames, where future innovation is strengthened by keeping a connectedness with the past.

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