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Santa Clara County Historical & Geneological Society. The Society is located at the City of Santa Clara Central Park Library in the Heritage Pavilion. We have a large collection of Genealogy resources along with a great historical collection available for the Public's use. There are also Consultants to help introduce patrons to the collection and assist them with their research problems. There is a staff available for help, usually from 1-3 pm; also 7-9 pm as volunteers are available. More...

Juana Briounes Heritage. If this house could talk, it would tell stories about a Latina businesswoman, humanitarian, and landowner named Juana Briones who built a rare earthen-walled house in the 1840s in what later became Palo Alto. Now that touchstone of the Rancho period is threatened with demolition. They are historians, architects, neighbors, educators, business and community leaders. They are the Friends of the Juana Briones' House and they are committed to advocating for the preservation of this treasure. More..

The Palo Alto Historical Association is charged by the City of Palo Alto with maintaining the city's historic archives and making them available to the public. The archives are located in the main reading room of the Palo Alto Main Library located at 1213 Newell Road. Steve Staiger is our Historian. He is at the History Desk in the Main Library Tuesday evenings from 6 to 9 p.m. and Thursday afternoons from 2 to 5 p.m. to answer questions and assist in research. More..

Palo Alto Stanford Heritage was formed in 1987 to plan and host the 1988 California Preservation foundation Conference held in Palo Alto and Stanford. The conference committee realized that their work could continue and grow in its scope to become a valued asset to the local area. It is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the architectural and other physical heritage of Palo Alto and Stanford. More...

The J. Gilbert Smith History House is located on one of the last active apricot orchards in the Santa Clara Valley. This 1905 shingled farm house was built with many Craftsman-style features. In 1954, the city of Los Altos purchased the Gilbert Smith property, as a site for the Civic Center, with the Smith’s retaining lifetime residency of the house and a surrounding acre. Upon Mrs. Smith’s death in 1973, the house and one acre reverted to the city. More..

San Francisco history on-line. If you would loke to learn more about San Francisco history, please see the San Francisco Encyclopedia on-line created and maintained by Lana Ralston, Ralston Independent Works.

The Mountain View Historical Association was established over 50 years ago and currently has 299 members. The Association is dedicated to preserving the rich heritage of Mountain View by gathering data and cooperating with other organizations to promote and publish the history of this area. Currently, we are involved in fundraising to build a Mountain View Museum at Cuesta Annex to preserve and celebrate the history of Mountain View. More...

The Moffett Field Historical Society was founded in May of 1993, as the result of the community "Hail and Farewell" for the Navy as Moffett Field was closing. One year after the founding of the Historical Society, the Moffett Field Museum, a non-profit institution, was created. The Museum, managed and staffed by volunteers, was initially located inside Hangar One, which was built to house the dirigible USS Macon in 1934. More..

The Cupertino Historical Society and Museum. The Cupertino Historical Society and Museum (CHS&M) is dedicated to ensuring that the heritage of Cupertino stays alive for all to understand and share, and for all to assimilate as their heritage. CHS&M was established in 1966 and the Museum was opened in 1990.

Menlo Park Historical Association. MPHA was organized in 1971 and is dedicated to collecting, researching, and preserving the documentation which is related to the history of the City, the area of the City, and the history of the area before its current incorporation (1927).

San Mateo County History Museum. History comes alive at the San Mateo County History Museum. Visitors can discover the past through hands-on school programs, interactive exhibits and a wide range of events for both adults and families. The San Mateo County Historial Association is pleased to announce that it has been reaccredited by the American Alliance of Museums. A mark of following professional standards, we have maintained our accreditation since 1972. Less than 5% of museums in the United States are accredited.


Woodside Community Museum. The history of Woodside...Before the Europeans came to explore and settle Alta California, Woodside was home to the Ohlone/Costanoan people. Along the creeks and forested valleys, these native people found a mild climate, good water, an abundant food supply. This early population must have appreciated their rural residential community.


Saratoga Historical Foundation. The Saratoga Historical Foundation (SHF) was established in November, 1962 by Florence Russell Cunningham. It had its origins in the History Committee of the Foothill Club. Miss Cunningham, a school teacher, was vitally interested in local history and chaired the History Committee. She was also an avid collector of Saratoga memorabilia which she donated to the Museum. At her death, she willed her collection and the money from her estate to establish a Museum for Saratoga.
Her dream of a Museum for Saratoga became a reality in 1976. The American Bicentennial Celebration provided an opportunity to relocate and renovate a historic Saratoga structure for use as a Museum. The Swanee store and the Jarboe-McWilliams House were moved to their present sites and dedicated for use as a Museum in 1976. Read more..









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